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Building Bhakashal - Prominent NPCs - Daal Maglin the Moldavite - 6th level Myrmidon

I have been posting prominent NPCs for Bhakashal but so far I have stuck to the standard classes, today I will expand into a unique Bhakashal class, the Myrmidon. Myrmidons are “fighter/magic-users” but they specialize in potion creation rather than regular spell casting. They have a very small list of spells, all of which are related to potions, and they duplicate spells with potions. On it’s own this would still make them dangerous, but they are also fighters (mercenaries) and get all the benefits of that class as well. 

Since the power of this class is premised in part on the potions they have, they can make their own potions, and potions are made with “fantastic” components, every myrmidon in every campaign will be different, as they will get access to different fantastic components depending on which monsters they fight/find. Also, each time they successfully create a potion the odds of the next brewing being successful increase, so this will impact their decisions on which potions to brew. 

It also means that the player who chooses a myrmidon has to be invested in the PC and the process. Unlike a “vanilla” fighter, or even a warlock who gets spells from their patron, a myrmidon has to actively collect fantastic components in order to create the potions they will use. Also, once they have brewed a potion, they get cumulative bonuses on subsequent attempts, so experience matters! This should not be left for the referee to promote, the PC has to take initiative! So this may not be the class for every player. However, as a ref, a NPC myrmidon is like a “snapshot” of the character, and can be built to be as formidable as you like.

Potion Creation Rules for Myrmidons

Myrmidons can create potions using the following rules, which are modified versions of the general potion creation rules for Bhakashal. 

  1. Potions can be brewed only if the myrmidon has access to a laboratory. It can be done without a library, but the odds of success are halved.

  1. When the myrmidon has completed their research and their preparation, they will cast a Dolejain’s Union of the Sympathies on the concoction, and roll for a successful brewing. The odds of successfully brewing a potion are ½ the myrmidon’s “to know” percentage, plus 5% per level of myrmidon minus 2% per level of the closest spell effect the potion will duplicate, and requires 1 week of work, - 1 day for each point of intelligence above 14. 

  1. If the attempt fails, the failure/harm odds are 5% per level of the closest spell effect the potion will duplicate, e.g. a failed attempt at a potion of flying will have a 15% chance of a harmful result. If the attempt is unsuccessful each additional week of work adds +5% to the odds, max 25%. If the last check fails the brewing is not possible for that myrmidon. If the myrmidon has help, take the average of the INT scores for all assisting, add this value in % as a bonus to the base odds of success, and use this for the myrmidon’s chances. 

  1. Once a potion type has been successfully brewed, every subsequent attempt gets an additional 5% cumulative bonus, e.g. the next attempt gets a 5% bonus, the subsequent one gets a 10% bonus, etc. 

  1. The cost of brewing a potion is 100gp per level of the closest spell effect the potion will duplicate, this assumes access to a library and a laboratory. That cost is doubled when the myrmidon does not have access to a library, it triples if they don’t have access to a laboratory, if they lack access to both it quadruples, representing the approximate cost of using someone else’s library and laboratory, assuming they can find someone willing to give them access.

  1. Potion brewing requires the use of a fantastic component sympathetic to the effect of the potion, e.g. a potion of flying might require the feathers of a giant eagle, a potion of growth might require the heart of a giant lizard, a potion of clairvoyance might require a beholder eye, etc. This is not part of the cost, and must be obtained. Generally if the component is from a more powerful magical source then add a 5-10% bonus to the chance of success, if it from a less powerful magical source then just roll without modifiers. If there is no fantastic component the potion cannot be brewed.

  1. Once successfully brewed the potion will fit the standard profile: potions last 4 turns +1-4 turns, if a ⅓ dose is taken that duration is divided into ⅓, if a half dose is taken the duration is divided into ½, etc. 

  1. Potion Types - The following types of potions can be brewed by a myrmidon:

    1. Any potion listed in the DMG or any other standard OSR source

    2. Potions based on listed spells, e.g. potion of lightning bolt, potion of stone shape, etc.

    3. Potions based on variations of listed spells, e.g. a potion of dexterity that increases your dex like a strength spell

  1. Myrmidons get a +2% per level bonus on their rolls on the potion miscibility table. However, any natural roll of a 1% is still an “explosion”, and only a roll of a natural 100 is a “Discovery”. If the result is over 100% but not a natural 100 roll, the result is “Compatible”. 

With all this in mind, here is our NPC Myrmidon, Daal Maglin the Moldavite, a 6th level Saan (lizard person) Myrmidon from House Jin.

Daal Maglin the Moldavite - 6th level Saan Myrmidon, House Jin

MV:12” (land), 16” (water - amphibious), AC: 6 (breastplate+ring), HP: 28, THACO: 16

S: 13 I: 16 W: 8 D: 8 C: 11 C: 10 - Deity: Shayamal (Justice, Community, Charity) 


Bardiche - WS: 5, Dam: 2-8/3-12 [+1 hit/+1 dam], SR: 5’, WvrsAC: -1M/ +1 L/+3N, Critical: Cleave/Dismount/ Sweep/Remain

Mace - WS: 3, Dam: 1-6/1-4 [+1 hit/+1 dam], SR: 2’, WvrsAC: +1 M, Critical: Bludgeon

Crossbow - WS: 4, Dam: 2-5/2-5 [+1 hit/+2 dam], Range: 6”/12”/18”, WvrsAC: -1M/+2L/+3N, Critical: Remain

Kama - WS: 2, Dam: 1-6/1-4 [+1 hit/+1 dam], SR: 3’, WvrsAC: -3M/+1L/+2N, Critical: Dual Wield

Bludgeon - Weapon knocks opponent prone or back 10’

Cleave - Weapon does full dice damage

Dismount – Weapon dismounts a rider

Dual Wield – On a critical hit the second weapon also strikes, otherwise it is assumed to be blocking

Sweep victim falls prone and loses next attack, +4 to hit against them

Remain – Weapon stays imbedded in opponent, does minimum dice damage each round until removed

Natural Attacks: 3 attacks per round (CCB), 1-2/1-2/1-6, WvrsAC: -2M/+1L/+3N

Special Abilities/Skills

  1. Infravision

  2. Tough skin (WvrsAC: leather)

  3. Surprised on a 1 in 6 and surprise others on a 3 in 6 in forested/marshland environments

  4. Fisherman, Alchemist

  5. Sage with a major field and specialization in alchemical lore 

Spells - 6 spells per day

1- Dolejain’s Union of the Sympathies

1- Seig Torson’s Expedited Elixir

2- Merreonath’s Amazing Transforming Draught

3- Einar’s Duplicitous Potion Relocation

3- Crayne Mistboru’s Devious Closure

3- Illmonter’s Potion Precipitate

Magic Items

+1 Bardiche, +2 ring of protection


Balin’s Solidifying Transformation (30%)(powder form - double power)


Fire Resistance

Invisibility (gaseous form - 1 seg to remove, instant effect, 4 doses)

Heroism (20%)

Monster Summoning 1 (15%) (powder form - double duration)

Torkhem’s Formidable Foundation (5%)

*potions in bold were brewed by Daal, and the percentage listed is the bonus Daal gets on any subsequent attempts to brew those potions. If successful again, each additional success adds 5% to the odds of the next.


Daal Maglin the Moldavite was a saan fisherman with no particular ambitions until he stumbled upon a myrmidon from House Jin, Jakam Tog, who was wounded after a fight with a marsh dragon. Daal took the Tog back to his home and nursed him back to health. Tog offered to become Daal’s patron and to tutor him in the art of potion creation in thanks for saving his life. Daal discovered he had an aptitude for potion brewing, and has been loyal to Tog ever since. 

Daal was given the +2 ring of protection by Tog as a gift when he hit 3rd level, and he won the +1 bardiche after being challenged in the arena by the apprentice of a rival warlock from House Bharin, Keekir Baes the Yellow. Baes has a grudge against Daal and is waiting until he has amassed enough power to challenge him again.

The PCs may encounter Daal in his capacity as an alchemical sage, he works for House Jin but in his capacity as a sage he can take on business from outside the House. In addition, Daal is always on the lookout for fantastic components for his potions, and would be willing to pay adventurers for anything they bring back intact that is a component he can use. Finally, Daal is sometimes sent off on tasks for his patron, Jakam Tog, and on those occasions might hire outside muscle if the task is one that Jakam does not want his rivals to know about. 


Daal uses his bardiche against large opponents and after the first few hits may try to bury it in a large opponent with a critical hit for the 3hp per round damage it will deliver thereafter with a “remain” result. When fighting hand to hand he will either use his mace or sometimes his mace + kama dual wielding (which drops his AC 1 point). Since his Balin’s, Heroism and Monster Summoning potions are potions he has brewed before and can make again, he will not hesitate to use them in combat if needed, Balin’s to lower his AC, Monster Summoning to delay enemies, and Heroism if the fight looks particularly daunting. Note that some of his potions are in solid or gaseous form as noted, and that he can cast Seig Torson’s Expedited Elixir to speed up the impact of any of the liquid potions he consumes. 


Daal has dark green skin, almost black, and yellow eyes. He wears a leather kilt as his primary clothing as well as a war helm. He has a tattoo of his god Shayamal (a humanoid figure with a red torso, the head of a bull, carrying a black rod) on his right arm. 

Spell Descriptions

Dolejain’s Union of the Sympathies

Level: 1, Range: 1", Duration: permanent, Area of Effect: 1 potion, Components: V,S, Casting Time: 1 segment, Saving Throw: special

When cast, Dolejain’s Union of the Sympathies takes the components of a potion and brings them together (details above). It cannot be cast immediately on the same batch of components immediately after a previous failure, the batch must be re prepared.

Sieg Torson’s Expedited Elixir

Level: 1, Range: 1", Duration: permanent, Area of Effect: 1 potion, Components: V,S, Casting Time: 1 segment, Saving Throw: special

When potions are consumed it normally takes 1 segment to take out the potion, one to drink the potion, and 2-5 segments for the potion to take effect (so 4-7 segments total). When the Expedited Elixir is cast it acts as a catalyst, and when the potion is consumed the effects will occur as soon as the potion is consumed (so 1 segment to remove potion, 1 to cast spell, 1 segment to consume). 

Merreonath’s Amazing Transforming Draught 

Level: 2, Range: touch, Duration: instantaneous, Area of Effect: on potion, Components: V,S, Casting Time: 2 segments, Saving Throw: special

When this spell is cast upon a potion the potion must make a save versus magical fire, with a modifier of +1 for every level of the caster. If the save is successful the potion has been converted to a gas, and this confers 2 benefits. First, the myrmidon (or others) may inhale the potion rather than drinking it, causing it to take effect instantly. Secondly, potions that normally have more than one “dose” in them have an extra 1-2 doses added. 

Einar’s Duplicitous Potion Relocation

Level: 3, Range: 1" per level, Duration: permanent, Area of Effect: 1"x1" per level, Components: V,S, Casting Time: 3 segments, Saving Throw: neg.

When this spell is cast the myrmidon becomes aware of all the magical liquids in the AOE of the spell (they will not know what they are, but that they are magical). They may then opt to switch out either: 

Any one of those potions with another 

Any one of those potions with one on their person

The enchantment is transferred between potions, otherwise they appear identical to their original form. A myrmidon might wish to carry either a cursed potion or a potion of low value on their person for the swap. 

Crayne Mistboru’s Devious Closure

Level: 3, Range: touch, Duration: permanent, Area of Effect: creature touched, Components: V,S, Casting Time: 3 segments, Saving Throw: none

When a potion or potions have been consumed and the myrmidon is under the influence of their magic, Crayne Mistboru’s signature spell ends the magic immediately, so another potion may be consumed with no risk of harm to the imbiber. If used on someone else who has consumed a potion its effects are neutralized. If used on a potion its magic is neutralized. 

Illmonter’s Potion Precipitate

Level: 3, Range: 1", Duration: permanent, Area of Effect: 1 potion, Components: V,S, Casting Time: 1 turn, Saving Throw: special

The potion precipitate allows the myrmidon to precipitate out the basic magical essence of a potion into a concentrated powder that can be consumed like a potion can be drunk. When this is done the new powder will have one of the following differences from the original potion (roll d4):

1 - Double duration

2 - Double range

3 - Double power

4 - Reduced Save

Results that make no sense for the potion in question should be re-rolled, and some effects will have to be interpreted. For example, if the spell was cast on a potion of giant strength and the result was “double range” then the result would be re-rolled. If the result was “double power” this would result in the category of giant strength going up one (e.g. from hill giant to stone giant), rather than “doubling”. There is a small chance that the spell may malfunction, leading to an explosion (50% - 1-2 on a d4) or ruining the potion altogether (50% - 3-4 on a d4). This chance is equal to 2% for a myrmidon with 18 intelligence, 4% for one with 17 intelligence, 6% for one with 16 intelligence, etc. 

Balin's Solidifying Transformation (Alteration)

Level: 2, Range: touch, Duration: 1 turn per level, Area of Effect: 1’x1’x1’ cube per level, Components: special, Casting Time: 2 segments, Saving Throw: none

Balin’s signature spell increases the density of whatever is touched as long as it is inanimate. This has the effect of lowering the AC of the item 2 categories, adding a 2 point bonus to any saving throws the item needs to make, and adding a +2 to any damage done with the item. Any shape of item whose total volume does not exceed that listed in the AOE can be so enchanted. So for example, a standard suit of med sized armor, being thin, could be enchanted by a 3rd level caster using this spell. 

Torkhem’s Formidable Foundation (Alteration)

Level: 2, Range: 1” per level, Duration: 1 round per level, Area of Effect: 1” square max per level, any shape desired, Components: special, Casting Time: 2 segments, Saving Throw: none

The formidable foundation temporarily firms up swampy ground, unstable terrain, fractured plains, etc., making them passable for a time. The caster has two options, they may make a path the maximum area of the AOE in any shape they desire. Alternately they can create a square area equal to ½” each side per level (e.g. a 5th level caster could make a square area 2-1/2” square) that moves along with the magic user at a movement rate equal to the magic users’s level. 

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