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Your players likely enjoy playing games other than Dungeons and Dragons, and their characters probably like games as well, games are universal.

So there really should be more gambling and game playing in D&D. There are some modules with gambling rules in them (The Secret of Bone Hill comes to mind), and the first edition Dungeon Master’s Guide even has games listed at the end.

So I’ve done two things, I’ve brewed up a few games for you to use in your game, and I have some suggestions on how to incorporate existing games into your D+D.

1. Play the Game
First off, don’t simulate games with rules (e.g. “your character has a 2 in 6 chance of beating Ogwallow at cards”), actually play the game.

2. Dice Games!
They already love rolling dice, and think of a group of mercenaries, or orcs for that matter, shooting dice. It’s practically a fantasy trope.
The names are meant to be D&D themed, but you can obviously change them to fit the flavor of your campaign.

Orc Bones - every player antes -e…
Moving it Along
I thought I would dedicate the first content post of the blog to something useful to budding game masters out there. 
I recently heard about Burning Wheel’s “Let it ride” mechanic (apologies if I get this wrong, I’m just reporting what I saw). In that system, you get one shot to apply a skill to some task, if that fails, you are done, you don’t get to keep trying over and over. So say you were playing a thief picking a lock on a door, or a fighter trying to break in a door, you would get one chance and if you failed it would be beyond your ability.
For lack of a better term I will call this a negative game mechanic, it restricts the players in some way to achieve an end, in this case to keep them from essentially gaming the system by trying something over and over again. D+D is a game after all, and sometimes you have to move it along or it becomes dull for the players.
Negative game mechanics are legitimate and useful, and are folded into the game everywhere. For example,…
This is the first post of Black Dragon Games Blog, Dweller of the Forbidden City. A few words about the name.

My favorite early edition module is Dwellers of the Forbidden City, it was based off a Conan story called “Red Nails”, and it has a ton of atmosphere. The last time I ran the module the evil wizard that runs the Forbidden City of mutated snake men escaped the party and became a memorable recurring villain.

This module taught me the value of alliances, my group formed an alliance with a pan lung dragon in the module in order to have the chops to win. It was a classic early edition move, when you are outmatched, find some help!

I will be using this blog to give gaming tips, suggestions for how to DM games successfully, some world building advice, inspiration for gaming and whatever else comes to mind.

The background art for this blog is a Roger Dean piece, “Dragon’s Garden”, which I think nicely captures the atmosphere I want.

Here it is in full: