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Personalized Mechanics in D&D

Add this to the posts discussing 1e as the “Ur-game”.

Today I will address the degree to which the game is customizable.

Three factors are important:
1.1e in particular makes clear that it is your game, the rules take a backseat to fun, you are encouraged to make up new rules on the spot if needed, and you are the final arbiter of any aspect of your game (e.g. maybe Orcs in your world only inhabit cold climes and live in giant caves, maybe trolls in your game only regenerate under moonlight, etc.)
2.It also points out that there are a lot of optional rules, psionics, described damage, alternate spell components, per level to hit advancement for fighters, the list is long.
3.1e is densely written and open to multiple interpretations, it is notoriously opaque.

Put this together, and it means that no two people will run the same game. No two people will run the same “By the Book” (BTB) game, as there is no way to uniquely determine what BTB is for some of the…